the third mouse

I have taken all of the photographs in the main blog and each photo will be watermarked in an unobtrusive manner. That said, please feel free to reblog

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All photos will be labeled with location (in as much as I can remember some of them).

Also, I will list the camera and/or application used. The current list includes:
Nikon D7000
Nikon D80
Nikon AW100
70mm fixed focal, f1.4, 18-105mm, 50-300mm
Apps such as Instagram, Pudding Camera, Little Camera and others are taken with my HTC MyTouch

Unless Otherwise noted, all photographs taken with a Nikon have been edited using Aperture.

The first mouse gets the trap, the second the tainted cheese.

The third mouse is witness to the carnage and had he thumbs would document it.

Water Spout off Jekyll Island, GA.  Taken with my Nikon AW 100, it’s the first video I’ve made.  I’ve added Dead Can Dance’s “Song of Sophia” as the track.

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